What is the Difference in Types of Cigar Humidifiers

What is the Difference in Types of Cigar Humidifiers

Dec 30th 2020

Passive Cigar Humidifiers are the most common. This type of humidifier allows air to pass through vent holes in order to circulate the humidity coming from the humidification material inside. The material is usually a foam sponge, silica beads or gel crystals that absorbs the solution or distilled water you add.

Foam Sponge Cigar Humidifiers:
Deluxe Foam Rectangle Cigar Humidifier
Foam Sponge Humidifiers are the least expensive of your choices. These units do a great job of humidifying your humidor but there are some downsides. These humidifiers will need to be attended to a bit more often as they do not retain moisture as well as other types. The foam sponge inside will also deteriorate over time meaning these humidifiers have a shorter lifespan.

The image is one of our more popular Foam Sponge Cigar Humidifiers.

Humidity Bead Cigar Humidifiers:
Cigar Mechanic Rectangle Cigar Humidifier
Humidity Bead Humidifiers are quite a bit different than the other two types. The humidity beads are mainly made of silica and give and take humidity from your humidor. This means it will absorb extra moisture when the humidity is high and release moisture when it's low. If you live in an area of high humidity this could be helpful for when the climate changes suddenly.

The image is one of our more popular Humidity Bead Cigar Humidifiers.

Crystal Cigar Humidifiers:
Cigar Classics Rectangular Cigar Humidifier
Crystal Humidifiers contain very small crystals that when you add humidification solution they expand. These humidifiers hold water much longer than the other types meaning you will not need to refill it with solution as often. You will also be able to recharge / refill the crystals more times making its lifespan greater than the foam sponges.

The image is one of our more popular Crystal Cigar Humidifiers.

Electronic Cigar Humidifiers are becoming more and more popular everyday. These humidifiers are the longest lasting and most reliable way of humidifying your cigar humidor. Simply fill the unit with solution or distilled water and set what humidity level you want and that's it! The refill cartridges will eventually need to be replaced as the material inside will deteriorate over time.

Cigar Oasis Electronic Humidifiers:
Cigar Oasis XL Electric Cigar Humidifier - 300 Cigars
Cigar Oasis offers 5 different models of electonic humidifiers to suit your needs. They have one that's small enough for any desktop humidor and one that's big enough for a walk in humidor. They even have an optional accessory that is WIFI enabled to send you humidity alerts as well as make adjustments with a mobile app!

The image is one of our more popular Cigar Oasis Electronic Humidifiers.

Hydra Electronic Cigar Humidifiers:
Hydra SM Electronic Cigar Humidifier
The Hydra Humidifiers are from Quality Importers and available in two models. They offer the Hydra SM that is suitable for a large desktop humidor or small cabinet and the Hydra LG which was made for larger cigar cabinets.

The image is one of our more popular Hydra Electronic Cigar Humidifiers.